Course / Directions

Bike Route – 11 miles clockwise loop of rolling hills around Fellow’s Lake.

Link to Bike Map


Run Route – paved, slightly rolling access road along northwest edge of Lake. There is a port-a-potty at approximately mile 0.5. We will not guarantee toilet paper or cleanliness. Quite the opposite, actually.

Link to Run Map

* To view elevation, open link and check the”display elevation box” to the left of the map.

Brief Run Course Video – don’t listen to the speaker at the beginning.  He says it’s the bike course…this is the run course though.



Follow Glenstone (MO-H) North past I-44 to Farm Road 74. Turn right and follow to Farm Road 71. Turn left and follow to Farm Road 66. Turn right and follow to Recreational Area at NW corner of Lake. This will be approximately 1/4 mile after the “steep hill”.

View Map

Please park on the grass along the access road that heads east-west. Please do not park along the short stretch of pavement that leads to the transition area. We should have this blocked off anyway.

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