Rules / FAQ

This quick video goes over registration, parking, and setting up your bike on the bike rack.

Please follow all USA Triathlon standard rules.

Here are a few important ones:

  • Helmets are mandatory on the bike; strap must be fastened before you get on bike and after you get off bike
  • Teams must tag off in the transition area
  • No Drafting allowed on the bike – allow 3 bike lengths between you and the next person in front of you except when passing; drop by 3 bike lengths after being passed. Drafting subject to time penalty or disqualification
  • Mount and dismount bicycles at the indicated mount/dismount line
  • No outside assistance is allowed except by race staff
  • No headphones/ipods/walkmans/etc allowed during the race at any time!
  • Abandonment – if you drop something on the course, you MUST go back and get it. This includes dropped water bottles, energy bar/gel wrappers, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these races open to beginners?

Yes! The Duathlon Series is designed to be an introduction to multi-sport racing.

Can I ride a mountain bike?

You can ride a mountain bike, single speed bike, or a tri bike. Due to insurance purposes, we cannot allow recumbent bicycles. Sorry!

Can I do it with a friend?

Yes, teams are more than welcome. One person can run while the other rides the bicycle. This is a great way to start if you are intimidated.

Do I have to buy a USA Triathlon Membership to participate?

No, we are not sanctioned by USAT.

Can my child participate?

The minimum age is 15 to do the race solo.  Kids under 15 are welcome to do the run segment of a relay team with an adult doing the bike segment.  If you have a younger athlete interested in doing the race solo, please email the race director for consideration.

How do I register?

Registration info coming soon!

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes you can run and bike in.  Tri shorts are strongly recommended and can be purchased at Bicycle Outlet.  Any shirt will do but a tight-fitting shirt will be less drag on the bike.

If you are not comfortable with spandex, then just wear shorts and a T-shirt.

Anyone sporting a Mohawk, Mullet, or Muttonchops will receive special recognition.

Are there restrooms on site?

There are 2 port-a-potties located just off the run course about 1/2 mile east of race HQ.  These are managed by City Utilities so we cannot be sure they will be well stocked or even clean.  Bring your own TP just in case.

What is your severe weather policy?

We will make every effort to race, but safety is our #1 concern.  If questionable weather is forecasted, we will post updates to the website on race day about the race status.  Lightning and torrential flooding are pretty much the only thing that will keep us from racing.

As per insurance requirements, we have one rain date available.  If we have more than 2 races postponed for rain, we will not make them up beyond the first date.

How old is this series? 

BMAX had the first Body Mechanix Duathlon in 1995, and the following year expanded the race into the first Duathlon Series (1996).  2021 will be the 25th annual Du Series.

What sweet bike shop is hooking us up free mechanical help in the transition area?

Well that would be Bicycle Outlet, of course!


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